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We had the bar against the gate, serving all manner of alcohol as people brought bottles with them. Across from this outside the garage was the keg of Red Wolf and the wheelbarrow full of seven varieties of canned sodas. Overlooking the courtyard from the roof of the garage were two gargoyles. Sitting on opposite walls, we had the large PA speakers blasting the music all night long, DJed by Rowland from inside. With an initial drive-by warning from the police, this was turned down considerably after midnight, but still going until 3am.

Of course, we had our usual costume contest, and James as the Duff Beer can was our winner of dinner for two at Johnny Reb's. We also played our own game of Survivor. Along the roof of the house we had a head-shot of 13 monster-movie killers, and every half-hour eliminated one until midnight. Rowland matched random invitation cards with the killers, and the winner, Sean and Lisa (Hannibal Lecter), got a gift certificate to The Olive Garden. Here's a list of the villians:

  1. The Phantom Of The Opera
  2. Dracula
  3. The Frankenstein Monster
  4. The Wolfman
  5. Norman Bates
  6. Leatherface
  7. Michael Myers
  8. Jason
  9. Freddy Krueger
  10. Pinhead
  11. Chucky
  12. Hannibal Lecter
  13. The Scream Killer

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