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Just inside the front door, Rowland was DJing from his home studio all night, whilst taking the invites, allowing him to keep out anyone he didn't know, and also get an accurate head count (just for the heck of it), which came to around 110. The house was mainly used for the bathroom, newly repainted by Dana, and for the food.

Ah, the food. We built our edible cadaver as always, modified once again to make it more practicle for eating, concentrating mainly on sandwiches. Here's the breakdown:

We were also going to have ribs for ribs and a heart-shaped dish of BBQ sauce, but just never got around to it on the day of the party, what with all the other chaos. No problem, though, because this was our most successful year for the food. Most of it went early, and not a scrap was left by 1am!

We had lots of smaller decorations all throughout the house, including a miniature graveyard on the entertianment center, various body parts and nasty things brewing in the kitchen, the hall was lined in black tarp with black-light painted designs and pictures, and the bathroom had bloody skeleton foot- and hand-prints, with a bright red light.

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