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Around 10:00 Patrick performed a Bjork song in drag that was absolutely hysterical. The socks he had for padding went flying at some point. We actually have video of him practicing from the day before that's even better.

Around 11:00 on the deck we put on a performance of the Sublime song Date Rape, with Patrick as the victim, Jami as the rapist, Kerrie on guitar and narrating, and Rowland playing the judge. We have all of this on video, including a rather drunk Erica being a bit disruptive during the middle of it.

Somewhere in there, Patrick and Jami also did a performance of Puttin On The Ritz from Young Frankenstein.

Off to the side was a small enslosure made of tarp with a sign above that read "Don't Go In Here!" Of course, this was promptly ignored by all, and they entered the dark little room with criss-crossed extension chords above that contained a single black light. In the dimness people could slowly focus their eyes on the various pictures Dana and Rowland had acquired from the darker corners of the internet. I won't detail anything, but a lot came from Rotten.com, Bestiality.com and Red Right. They should've read the warning and not gone in there. Just because I gave you links doesn't mean you should go there either.

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