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Out in the yard Dana put Jack-O-lanterns along the vine-covered wall, and we had a table set up in the corner for Gloria to do tarot readings, but that was moved to accomodate more lighting. We also put out some old benches Pat and Jami picked up recently at a yard sale.

But the centerpiece to the backyard was a ten foot pole stuck in the ground that had a realistic looking woman in Renaissance garb tied to it, above a pile of burning logs. Actually, underneath the logs, Rowland and Dana had arranged two small fans, three plant lights with red and amber bulbs, aluminum foil in the center (for embers) and lots of loose strips of red cellophane crackling in the wind. Pretty cool looking.

I think the thing that disturbed the neighbors most was that this was one of the earliest decorations. We start working at least a month in advance, so this went up in stages. First the stake and legs, then the internal casing for the fans and lights, then the pile of wood, then the rest of the body, then the reworked pile of wood, then the final adjustments to the arms and head. So we had a very realistic looking woman tied to a stake in our backyard for almost three weeks.

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