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Gargoyles perched on the roof above and a red light illuminated the entrance. A wooden sign hanging from chains over the front door had words burnt into it that read: "Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here"

party party party party

We played a variety of spooky-themed party games, but the one that went over best was Wink-Death. For those unfamiliar, you have bowl of folded papers, one for each player, that all have VICTIM written on them, except one that says KILLER. Everyone randomly draws, then you just talk and mill about like a normal party. However, if the "killer" winks at you, you're dead. You count to five, so as not to immediately give it away, then dramatically perform your death scene. Anyone can accuse anyone of being the killer, but if you're wrong, you immediately die. You win if you correctly guess the killer, but if they can kill everyone before they're pointed out, the killer wins. When it gets down to three, guess quick before you get winked at, cuz you've got a fifty-fifty shot.


We had our traditional food corpse in the kitchen:

party party

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