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gallows This party was planned about ten days before it happened, and our only two major decorations were out here, along with repeated failed attempts to make fog with dry ice and boiling water.

Rowland and Patrick spent a week digging a grave against the back wall, and throughout the night we joked that the first person to pass out was going in it. We did stick the strobe light in it around 1:00am, which looked pretty cool. After the dry ice failed to produce any significant results elswhere, Rowland dumped a bunch of it in the hole around 3:00am, and then just dumped pots of boiling water in it every few minutes.

Rowland and Dana constructed a gallows from some old and rotting 2-by-4's going to waste behind the garage. Then Robin built two dummys and hung them from it, all bloodied and gruesome looking. I don't have any pictures from this party, so this is a different gallows we built in 2001.

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