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In the front yard of the house we had a giant 8' blow-up Frankenstein Monster, and a smaller 3' plastic one at his feet. The front door was blocked off so that everyone had to go through the side gate into the backyard.

The heavily overgrown backyard was trimmed down, except for a 20' by 30' area in the center. This was turned into a graveyard, with an archway entrance and wooden stake fence. It had five headstones (two we purchased, three we carved ourselves out of styrofoam), one of which had a skeleton from the waist up crawling out of the ground.

Toward the front we had a lamp-lit table for Gloria to do Tarot readings, with a broken old chandelier hanging overhead. Along the far wall and along the front of the maze we arranged a dozen chairs and a small table with sodas on ice, and in the corner of the yard nearest the bar we had the keg.

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