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The front corner of the yard was set-up for StoneBlue to perform early on in the party, which the police didn't put a stop to until the middle of the last song. Of course, Rowland knew that bands bring the police with noise complaints, which is why the whole thing was arranged behind his back, with Vagrant sound man Gus taking care of the PA. We ended up feeding the PA Rowland was DJing from into Gus's, so we had more overall spreadout speakers, but less actual outside volume.

Next to this, under the only major light, was a table with the food laid out, primarily here to cover an exposed tree stump we didn't want anyone injured on. Since this party didn't get written up right away, we don't remember the details on the food this time around, but it was relatively the same as the last two years. We remembered the ribs this time, and for feet we used "Fruit By The Foot" candy.

Rowland and Sean Dee and Judy


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