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Rowland put together a smaller version of his Graveyard from 1998 by arranging seven headstones in the front yard, with a fake paper tree behind it, and a "fence" border made of real tree branches. Each of the four corners was a lit tiki torch, and a front gate was made by an archway frame covered in black tarp, with axes crossing overhead, a small nod to the Tunnel from 1997. This got lots of attention from people driving by for the couple weeks it was up.


Beyond that in the flowerbed, Rowland built a scarecrow similar to the one in the backyard last year, with a couple crows perched on it's shoulder. This originally had a Scream mask, but that was stolen and replaced by the Devil mask that was hung in The Maze in 1997.

The Yard
The Porch
The Back

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