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Across the driveway between our house and the neighbor's, Richard and Rowland constructed a tunnel made of black tarp, with arches of PVC pipe to shape it. The outside arch was decorated with glued-on dead grass and dead branches from the rose bushes, and the sign at the top read Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here with crossed axes above. Within the tunnel, criss-crossed wires with suspended black-lights barely lit your path as you walked on various evil symbols and phrases scrawled in glowing chalk on the pavement.

We had intended to have a tape of haunting songs and noises playing continuously within, but this was abandoned because it would have been drowned out by the blasting stereo in the garage. We also had bought butcher's paper, intending to crumple it and paste it on the walls with spray-paint to make it look like a cave. The combination of having too little time, and liking what we'd created, killed that idea. We did tape up strips of the paper over the far end of the tunnel to keep the light from the garage out and make it all the darker.

Upon leaving the tunnel, your first sight before entering the courtyard was Patrick's 1969 Fiat Spider, with a dummy in the driver's seat surrounded by some 30 beer cans, and another dummy split in half under the front tire. Robin did a great job of making it look as bloody as possible. We were going to put streamers on the back of the car and have a fan underneath blowing full speed to give the idea of movement, but we'd run out of extension cords.

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