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First and foremost, the edge of the yard maintained a crowd around the kegs, one of Bud for the average and one of Lowenbrau Dark for the serious drinkers. The problem here was that plenty of guests entered, passed the bar up and headed here, without ever paying the $3 we were asking to cover costs.

tarot readingAtop and against the vine-covered wall we'd placed several pumpkins of various sizes, and arranged them with two corn stalks and a few old-style liquor jugs around a large scarecrow, and next to this was a wheel barrow, lined with plastic, filled with ice and various sodas (10 varieties) and ocean-spray fruit drinks, for all the sober drinkers.

We'd blocked off the far end of the yard with tarp, primarily to safely prevent anyone getting near the large hole that had been dug to provide dirt for the graveyard in the driveway. In the center of the tarp wall, we'd made a tent-like section with a large mirror behind it. In this was a table and chairs that Gloria and Bobby spent the night at doing Tarot readings for a small chunk of tips. This wasn't entirely planned, it just ended up that way, and this photo (unclear as it is) shows Jami getting a reading.

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