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We'd raised three tables to form a large L-shaped bar with at least six stools. Dana and D.J. ran the bar all night, and did one hell of a job. On top of the fridge behind them were two TVs running the silent horror classics The Phantom Of The Opera, Nosferatu and The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari on a loop all night. Of course, these got covered in sheets during the rain, but we tried.


We played a fun little scavenger hunt game. We passed out pencils and lists of nine questions, however, which nine varied greatly from one list to another. Players were instructed to ask people their questions, and if they got a "yes" to get them to initial it. If you could get all nine answers, from nine different people, you turned it in and I did a random drawing, giving the winner a gift-certificate to Mimi's Cafe. Here's the full list of questions that were randomly mixed into 30+ sets of nine:

  1. Question 1
  2. Question 2
  3. Question 3
  4. Question 4
  5. Question 5
  6. Question 6
  7. Question 7
  8. Question 8
  9. Question 9

Sometime after midnight, we also did the "by applause" costume contest, and the winner was actually the same guy as last year. However, one of the other nominees had a strong following amongst some of the ladies:

Slave 1 - Slave 2 - Slave 3 - Slave 4

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The Back The Graveyard

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