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We had a ring of chairs around a table with chips and sodas. Sitting in one of the chairs was a dummy Dana and Bobby constructed, that they dubbed "Mistress Natasha" in full dominatrix gear, 48DD-22-36. Her feet rested on her "footstool", her slave dummy "Bruce". Thanks again to Jay's brother for lending us the full size coffin that bordered the graveyard, which was lined in plastic, then filled with ice and sodas. Since we got rained out early, there were plenty left-over, which was a first.

Along the far wall were a string of small skeletons, a row of small lights, and a few pumpkins and skulls. In the corner was a table, lamp and chairs for Gloria to do Tarot readings, but again the rain ruined that one. The table was surrounded on three sides by black walls, and on the posts in the corners were figures of a skeletal groom and vampiric bride.


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