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As you approached the house, your first site was three skeletons floating between the trees in the front yard and lit by a slow strobe, their hands in the classic "Hear No, See No, Speak No Evil" pose.

Extending from the side-gate well into the neighbor's driveway, we'd constructed a tunnel that was dark but for black-lights and glowing bones and bugs, as well as a fog-machine. This is as far as we let the trick-or-treaters go, as Troy checked people at the entrance, and tried to gather the "$5 or some booze" entry fee mentioned on the invitations. Once the rain started seriously coming down, this became the primary shelter for a few dozen party-goers who listened to the band from a distance and refused to let the fun be dampened by the weather.

Rowland had arrived early in the morning to construct the tunnel, then partied all night, and when he got back to his car at 4am, guess what was on his windshield?


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