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Along the far side of the house, Rowland had enclosed the area between the house and outer wall with black tarp, and mounted two large black-lights. Within this area, Dana and Bobby put together a glowing gothic scene. A headless body sat in a chair, holding a knife and it's head in it's lap, a cardboard fireplace with a fog machine smoked away (this was used a few times late in the party to fog up the entire back yard area!), a glowing statue held aloft a dead plant, several frightening pictures adorned the walls, and a bookshelf had book covers that glowed with "Help Me" and handprints. Glowing candles, bats and bugs were everywhere. It looked pretty darn cool.

Somewhere I need to mention that we had a graveyard in the front yard, viewable to passersby on the street, but not from the party, as the front doors of the house were locked and everyone entered from the back gate. Dead vines and leaves adorned a cross and five headstones, and from the center one a head and two arms were crawling from the grave.

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