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We laid out our traditional food corpse on a table, with a second table of extras:

The house had lots of various store-bought decorations, lights and props, including a large stand-up of Death that we posed many pictures in front of. We also had Gloria doing Tarot readings for a good portion of the night, and on the television ran our three-year-old tape of silent classics: Nosferatu, The Phantom Of The Opera and The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari.

The kitchen served as the bar area, with a pass-out window to the main room. Dana was the primary bartender, but several people took turns helping throughout the night. Our normal policy of bringing cash or a donation to the bar proved a little unbalanced this time around, with very little money coming in to cover the cost of the keg, and lots of booze left-over, including an unopened bottle of Jagermeister I found outside. Kudos to Donny, Troy and co. bringing the mini bottles of Wild Turkey: very funny, guys!

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