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Further back in the yard was a tool-shed up against the garage wall, and atop this was a giant spider similar to years past, this time constructed of 55 gallon trash-bags that Shannon had filled with crumpled newspapers. Two legs were perched high above on the garage roof, four surrounded the body on the tool-shed, and the last two were on the ground in front, giving the impression of it climbing down at you. Within the tool-shed itself was a strobe-light flashing on several smaller spiders, and a large one hanging in the center Rowland had made from plastic skeletons, with a rib-cage body, skull, and eight skeletal arms.

To one side of this heavily webbed area was a section of wall with several chains and two axes hanging from it like a miniature torture chamber, in front of which was the keg. To the other side, in front a large tree, Dana and Bobby had placed several skulls and shrunken heads on spikes, some head-hunter spears, and a Tiki torch that burned out early on in the night.

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