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We had plenty of parking in the lot behind the house, and as you approached the gate to the backyard, you first met a gargoyle, a full-size coffin with a gutted body (thanks to Gus for getting us that one) and our two signs from last year: "HELLo tHERE" on the wall and "ABANDON HOPE" hanging on the gate. There was also a large black chandelier adorned with skulls and a string of lights hanging from the house to a tree that would have looked a lot better had the previous week's rain not warped the cardboard.

Rowland was set-up in one corner as DJ, opposite him in the flower bed was a scarecrow, in front of which was a cooler and tiny coffin filled with iced sodas. In between, in the center of the yard stood a weeping-willow tree. We had our undead bride and groom perched on the trunk, and among the branches were baby doll-heads with glow-sticks shining from their empty eyes. We had plenty of chairs spread around, and a table with snacks.

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