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Next to the outdoor fridge, Jay built a simple temporary bar, painted black and decorated with tiny tombstones and dry-ice spouting skulls. Dana served as the primary bartender, but she got by with a little help from her friends. Looming behind her was a ten-foot tall Grim Reaper with outstretched arms. Behind him in the yard sat the keg of Fat Tire.

The whole patio area was covered in webbing and several spiders, including a giant nest that Bobbie had made. Laid out on a large table were hot trays full of food: Meatballs, beef ribs, chile verde, potato salad, bbq beans, and lots chips and dips.

We laid out our traditional food corpse on the table just inside the house:

The usual costume contest was kind of forgotten about, but Alice Cooper In Wonderland, the after-the-fact determined winner, still got a gift certificate to Johnny Rebs'.

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