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In Robin's room in the back, the primary attraction was the pool table. This area was intended for kicking back (with two beds, a couch and chairs) with the lights down low, accenting the fireplace. Instead of a fire, we'd lined it with aluminum foil and filled it with an eclectic variety of candles, roughly thirty or so, which gave a very eery effect to the room. The walls were decorated with a few spiders and bats, with webbing and netting, and two cloaked skeleton figures were swinging from the ceiling fan.

We had a dozen people back here playing pool all night, nearly oblivious to the problems elsewhere at the party. Other than the incident with the juggler (see The Garage) everything was quiet back here, thanks primarily to Robin's older brother Rich and his wife Jen keeping a close watch on things. One humorous highlight was a rather drunk gentlemen, slurring his speech and stumbling about the table with his beer in one hand and cue stick in the other, impossibly beating the socks off all comers.

Since I had no picture for the back room, this seemed as good a place as any to put this one taken of the cat, who was none too happy about all the people around this particular evening.

the cat

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