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The exterior of the garage, as viewed from the courtyard, had two large eyes made from drywall and tarp nailed above the door and a row of cardboard fangs across the top, with a red chalk tongue on the pavement below, so the whole entrance was a giant demon's mouth. To complete the effect, two cardboard horns were placed on the roof, attached to Tiki torches so that the tips were aflame.

The major feature in the garage were three televisions, each with a six-hour tape running amassed clips from over 40 movies of the primarily visually jarring scenes. The left one was mostly drama (The Crow, Bram Stoker's Dracula, THX-1138), the right mostly horror (Hellraiser, Friday the 13th, Nightbreed) and the center began as the classics (The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari, Nosferatu) but to fill it out, delved into some NC-17 shockers and banned-from-MTV Nine Inch Nails videos towards the end.

JengaWith several chairs around the perimeter, the majority of the garage area was opened up for the giant Jenga that Rowland had built for last year's party. This was kept going all night long by an ever changing group of 6-10 players, with greater attention given every time a certain girl decided to bend over and pull out a block.

We pulled the old piano over to one side to enclose an area for Rowland to DJ without interference. This was to prevent problems from the past of beer on CD's and stereo, among other problems. Although we had quite a selection of CD's from Rowland and Patrick, the requests tended to be on the heavier side (peaking at Cannibal Corpse). We also had a better selection of 80's and 90's alternative and swing thanks to Mona and Richy, respectively, who brought a few dozen albums at Rowland's request. Although sticking primarily to the two 5-disc players wired together for continuous playing, he also dabbled a bit into the vinyl, but since cassettes are a bitch to queue up, he made sure to remove the player (it was inside Madam Zelda) so nobody could even ask.

TroublemakersHaving mentioned the problems we had as the party progressed, here's a picture of two of the instigators. The gentleman on the left, having drunk a good share of the bottle of Cognac he brought with him, was holding up the pool players in back by attempting to juggle the balls. After our security man Mike chewed him out, he got rather verbally abusive on the front lawn. When several attempts by Mike's younger brother failed to calm him down, he got in Mike's face and proceeded directly to the grass with one blow from Mike's fist. He then managed to even anger the friends who had brought him by pissing himself in the back of their truck.

Mike didn't have to deal with the gentleman on the right. After getting himself trip-over-your-own-feet drunk, this guy was stumbling about and randomly grabbing breasts. One particular woman, 6'1" with an attitude, decided to return the favor by chasing him down and slamming him several times against the wall of the house. Dana proceeded to get in her face and chase her off rather loudly. Let's just say that the police didn't arrive a moment too soon in Dana's opinion, as she was not enjoying the direction the party had taken one bit.

Here's security man Mike, with a fake ‘fro wig topping his shaved head:


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