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Compared to parties past, we wanted to really open up the garage area, so we pulled the bar and refrigerator out onto the courtyard. Rowland also wired two extra speakers from the stereo and put them in the corners of the courtyard opposing the two in the garage, making the whole area very loud.

We charged three bucks for anyone who wanted to drink to cover costs, and in an attempt to monitor this, Patrick, once again serving as bartender, had a handstamp for everyone who paid him. He simplified the drink list this year in order to make his life easier so he could actually enjoy the party. We therefore concentrated on quantity rather than variety, and even ran out for extra vodka and tequila mid-party. In the end, we went through more alcohol than last year, but served it to less people, which explains the larger number of stupid, drunken incidents and people vomiting or passing out. Here's the drink list:

In addition to the bar stools, we had chairs arranged in the courtyard, on the deck, in the garage and in the yard, which helped spread people out better than last year. Of course, more people arrived early on and the party was cut short, so although we had fewer people than last year, we had more simultaneously rather than coming and going all night.

Around 10:30 we had a very informal costume contest again. We got a couple other nominations, but our clear winner by crowd approval was a given from when she arrived. A guest commented at one point that "It's not a real party till you have lesbians making out in the crowd!" Well, this girl started it, and as the night progressed, at least six girls (I won't mention any names) were being rather open about their bi-sexuality.

Once the police had broken everything up, the last dozen hangers-on cleaned up somewhat and stood about the bar discussing card tricks and INCOGNITO. We had a few guests arrive after things were over, but generally speaking it got quiet rather early compared to even our tame parties.

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