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From the garage to the back room is short walk lined with rose bushes cutting it off from the yard that leads to a large open patio. Rowland had trimmed the bushes the month before in hopes that they would be in full bloom by the party, but they weren't yet. This canned his plan to spend the night, dressed as Death, between songs (he was the DJ) slowly cutting off all the roses from the bushes, ala Morticia Addams.

the rackWe'd enclosed the patio with black tarp and turned it into a dungeon lit only by black lights. We had a stocks (at ground level, basically to hide the garden hose and faucet), a rack (with a dummy being stretched out on it, one foot torn off), an iron maiden (made of cardboard but full of real nails), and a Guillotine (complete with a head in a basket). Okay, that's not a torture chamber device, but it looked cool.

In addition to these large props (made by Rowland from a variety of scrap wood and left-over paint) which had various rubber bugs and rats all over them, we also had a skeleton hanging from the far wall in chains, several real chains hanging criss-cross from the ceiling, an axe, and a table with various implements of torture (actually, they were mostly kitchen utensils, but taken nicely out of context with bloody eyeballs and hands). All of this Dana covered in lots of fake blood, as well as layers of cobwebs, intended to keep people at a bit of distance, primarily from the legitimately dangerous iron maiden.

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