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Serving as the center of the party, this is where everyone just hung-out. Against the wall just outside the open garage door sat the keg of Red Wolf (appropriate for the evening) in a trash can of ice, another trash can of ice full of soda (Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, and Mountain Dew) and a variety of Snapple. Next to the maze, we had a table laid out with several bags of snacks. Opposite this, against the wall next to the keg, was a long table with all the food. Oh, yes, the food! Rowland had put together a dead body that was entirely edible. Here's each piece, with details where needed:

Dorothy We had a pole sticking out from the basketball hoop, and hanging from this in the center of the courtyard was the pinata. Just after ten, when this was smashed open (after several swings from several half-interested party-goers) by Sean, it sprayed it's contents across the courtyard and crowd. But instead of candy, it was filled with a variety of Halloween confetti, hundreds of plastic ants, flies, and spiders, dozens of rubber roaches and beetles, and even a few snakes. The joke on the crowd that Rowland wanted, was that we kept telling everyone there was candy in there. The joke on Rowland by the rest of the Commune, was that they actually did sneak a little bit of candy inside.

Also in the courtyard (although, it was later moved into the garage) Jesse had built an elaborate electric chair. As each guest entered, we had Robin take one shot each of them sitting in the chair. We went through two disposable cameras (56 shots had seemed sufficient, since we had estimated 60 people were going attend) before the night was half over. By the time we had someone run to the store for a third camera, Robin had gotten drunk enough that the third roll was half group shots (trying to make up for lost time and the now surging number of guests) and half random snaps and people's feet. Based on these photos, the people in the background, and our own recollections of who we were certain attended that didn't get into the photos, our current total is a minimum of 119 guests from 7pm to 2am. I scanned most of these pics to give you an idea of how many people were there:

Electric Chair Photo Gallery

Somewhere around 11:30, we had a very informal, "Yell out your vote," costume contest. Nominees included James as the Suicidal Tendencies dude and Mona as a Praying Mantis, but our clear winner was Tommy as Dorothy, who had the pony-tails (of his own ass-length hair), blue dress, basket, and had even covered his high-tops in red glitter! He was awarded a twenty-five dollar gift-certificate to Blockbuster Music.

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