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Jenga We had a couch for all the smoker's to kick back on, beside which we put the piano. Normally kept in the garage, brought out to make more room, it's an antique from about four generations back, but has been sorely taken care of in recent years, so looks very old and rugged. Sitting at it, we had a skeleton in white tuxedo tails, hands on the keys as if playing. Behind the piano in the dark we had a stereo continuously playing a tape of Chopin and Brahms at very low volume. As hoped, it went hardly noticed, so that the few that did hear found it to be rather ghostly and surreal.

In the center of the open patio, Rowland had cut out a three-feet-high "Giant Jenga" game from 2-by-4 studs. This was played on and off by various groups of people all night. It would stack as high as six or seven feet, before tumbling over with a loud crash! Fun!!

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