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For the few people who had small children, but still wanted to come to the party, we had a small party planned inside for kids only. Far fewer kids (about five) ended up being there than expected, so Amanda (amazingly patiently) handled this almost entirely alone. We had Pin The Nose On The Jack-O-Lantern, balloon-face stickers, and lots of crayons and markers. Of course, the most fun they had was grinding the popcorn as deeply into the couch as possible.

Kenyata By early in the morning, the couch was folded out into the double-bed, and the house became the crash-pad. Kudos to Kenyata for not only putting it back together when he left in the morning, but folding the blankets neatly as well!

We have a small, toilet-only bathroom by the laundry room, so we removed the back door to allow easy access, and decorated it with sticky ants on the mirror and glowing skulls. This was about the only part of the house that most of the guests saw.

The House The Tunnel
The Maze The Courtyard
The Yard The Garage
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